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About TEMcompany


How did it all start?

TEMcompany started with the dream of building next-generation imaging solutions to solve today’s water problems.
Our mission is founded on the idea that technologies enabling informed management of resources will be critical to addressing the growing vulnerability of groundwater to climate change.
Our vision is to become a technology leader in seamlessly integrated hardware and software for subsurface imaging and to develop easy-to-use geoscanners for mapping groundwater resources, raw materials and much more.

Meet the team

We are based in Aarhus, Denmark where all functions like R&D, sales and production happens. Please click on each employee to read their bio and find contact information. Feel free to contact us if any questions.

“I'm Hanne, Head of People & Culture. If you have any questions, please just reach out to me!”

Hanne Sophie RasmussenHead of People & Culture
CEO, adjunct professor

Esben Auken

Esben is a forward thinker when it comes to groundwater mapping and is committed to finding solutions for climate changes impact on water shortage and water quality worldwide. He has been working with TEM technology since 1991. He is a former professor at the Institute for Geoscience, Aarhus University where he was heading the well-known HydroGeophysics Group. He is now an adjunct professor at the institute. He has a long record of groundbreaking research, and his more than 150 scientific publications has thousands of citations.

+45 2899 2587


Thue Bording

Thue is leading the operations group and is responsible for production, documentation and customer relations. Thue has a PhD in geophysics, and extensive experience with geophysical imaging technologies with applications in different fields, from large scale mapping to time-lapse monitoring. At TEMcompany he is focused on problem-solving and providing the best support possible.

+45 2297 4797


Pradip Maurya

Pradip is leading the R&D and is responsible for the hardware and software developer groups in the company. Pradip has a PhD in geophysics and is especially interested in bridging the link between geophysics, hardware, and end-users. He is the author of numerous scientific papers within transient electromagnetic, earth resistivity imagining and induced polarization.

+45 4268 8445

Head of People & Culture, MSc.

Hanne Sophie Rasmussen

Hanne is responsible for the company’s HR tasks, making sure the employees have a go-to person at the company. Her work helps maintain a thriving work environment and teamwork among the employees and the executive management. Hanne also assists CEO Esben Auken with the organization and management of the company.

+45 2328 1958

Geophysicist, MSc.

Søren Bjørn

Søren has a master’s degree in geophysics and has been working as a geophysicist since 1996. He is responsible for various groundwater mapping tasks and makes customer support and training. He especially enjoys the international perspective of our products.

Electronic Engineer, MSc.

Bent Olsen

Bent has a special interest in everything within electronics and he is responsible in our operations group for assembling instruments and ensuring they are ready for our customers. Bent is educated as a radio mechanic and has a further education as an electronic technologist.

Geophysicist, MSc.

Tore Eiskjær

Tore works in our R&D group and specializes in making mechanical solutions and testing of our instruments. Tore has a master’s degree in geophysics. He is responsible for design of new mechanical solutions and test of TEM systems.

Research Geophysicist, PhD

Nikolaj Foged

Nikolaj has been working with geophysics and TEM technology since 2001. Nikolaj is in our R&D group and develops software for testing of instruments and he develop processing and dataflow algorithms. He is also developing new forward and inversion algorithms designated for our instruments. Nikolaj has an extensive scientific publication record.

Geophysicist, MSc.

Knud Valdemar Lassen

Knud Valdemar works in our R&D group and is responsible for developing the software that runs in our instruments. He is responsible for documentation, and he plan all new software projects. Knud Valdemar has a master’s degree in geophysics and has a special interest in near-surface electrical and electromagnetic methods.

Geophysicist, MSc.

Christos Boufidis

Christos has a master’s degree in geophysics and makes sure our geophysical instruments are tested and ready for our customers. He also makes customer support for both equipment and geophysical data.

Geophysicist, MSc.

Hidir Aygul

Hidir Aygul works in the R&D department and is responsible for developing mobile applications used to monitor status of instruments and quality of data collected. Hidir has over time been involved in numerous areas of software development and has a special interest in adapting to new technologies. 

Electronic Engineer, AP

Simon Ejlertsen

Simon is in our R&D Group and has a good grasp of electronic systems. Simon actively contributes to the development of our cutting-edge instruments. His expertise extends to constructing prototypes, making new electronic designs, and making quality control of the electronic boards used for production.

Technician, MAA.

Jonathan Abildgaard Moberg

Jonathan is a trained carpenter and has a master’s degree in architecture specializing in digital fabrication. Jonathan works in our production group and is responsible for the mechanical workshop, contacts with suppliers and mechanical assembly of our instruments.

Controller, merc.d

Marianne Grønlund Toft

Marianne is financial controller at TEMcompany. She has experience from the auditor business and has worked as business- and finance controller – mainly within the IT-sector for several years.

Design & Communication

Jonathan Satchell

Jonathan leads the direction of TEMcompany’s graphic design and communication output. He works across the organization to deliver clear, consistent, and valuable visual and written content, both online and offline. Working directly with our digital channels and offline promotional material, Jonathan helps support our current customers and drive interest from prospective ones.

Controller, merc.d

Marianne Grønlund Toft

Marianne is financial controller at TEMcompany. She has experience from the auditor business and has worked as business- and finance controller – mainly within the IT-sector for several years.

Accountant, merc.d

Per Dalsgaard

Per’s background consists of many years of experience with accounting, finance and management as a CFO and CEO.

Lunch Prepper

Ditte Kenny

Ditte makes sure that all employees at TEMcompany get fueled to do great work, by creating delicious lunch. She enables a great office-environment when all employees sits together at lunch.

Electronic Worker

Diana Syndergaard Nielsen

Diana is part of our operations team and has a lot of experience in handling electronic components and production. As our electronic worker she is assembling the TEMcompany products, cables and is soldering the electronic and mechanical parts for our geoscanners.

Frederik Ersted Christensen -Technical Sales Specialist at TEMcompany
Technical Sales Specialist

Frederik Ersted Christensen

Electronic Worker

Søren Engelhardt Johansen

Electronic Engineer

Thomas Haagen Birch

Portrait of Bo Bjerre

Bo Bjerre

Chairman of the Board

Henning Sandager

Henning has solid work experience at Grundfos with strong global knowledge from Sales & Marketing, Innovation, R&D and New Business. Henning has keen knowledge and interest in developing start-ups from his New Business experience and also from company acquisitions. Specialized in strategic approach towards go-to-market development and strong knowledge from establishing sales and expanding markets in among others the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. He attributes with vast management experience and knowledge on how to create efficient company strategies.

Board Member

Dorthe Petersen

Dorthe is the CEO at PlanBørnefonden and gives great insight on how TEMcompany should operate in developing countries. She is skilled in political and intercultural communication and has experience in the management consulting industry.

Board Member

Christian Toft Ramsbøl

Christian is the Deputy Director at Poul Due Jensen Foundation | Grundfos Foundation and helps TEMcompany with inputs from the Foundation work and is a key player for the link between the Foundation’s reach and TEMcompany.

Board Member

Jesper Pedersen

Jesper has a MSc in Geophysics and works at the Geoscience Institute at Aarhus University. He has field work experience in Africa which is an important business market for TEMcompany. He ensures a continuous collaboration between TEMcompany and research institutions.

Latest News

A photo of the Inducien Instruments team visiting the offices of TEMcompany in Aarhus

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This week, we established a new reseller agreement with Inducien Instruments S.A., a family-owned business based in Santiago Province, Chile.
LM International visit TEMcompany in Aarhus

LM International visit TEMcompany 

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How do you supply systems to help drill or rehabilitate 200-600 boreholes a year in challenging hydrogeological conditions?
Visit to TEMcompany of Sanjeet Sharma, CEO of AllGeo Solutions

AllGeo Solutions in Denmark 

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This week, we had the pleasure of being visited by Sanjeet Sharma, the CEO of AllGeo Solutions, TEMcompany's new reseller in India.
TEMcompany's tTEM in use at Lake Turkana, Kenya.

Finding water in one of the world’s largest refugee camps

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Two of TEMcompany's products, the tTEM and the sTEM, are featured in the 2023 Grundfos Foundation Annual Review. 

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