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Saltwater Intrusion

Applying geoscanners for monitoring saltwater intrusion

Map the movement of saltwater in freshwater aquifers.

It is an issue in areas with flatter coastal land where high-tide seawater or storm events are flooding the land by saltwater intrusion. Saltwater intrusion can also be caused by pumping from coast-near freshwater aquifers, and the saltwater migrates toward land, contaminating the aquifer or drinking water, which can have significant environmental, ecological, and economic implications. These different mechanisms can be mapped by using the geoscanner. Due to the high contrast between fresh and saline water, the migrating saltwater is commonly used to detect the boundary between freshwater and saltwater on islands and near coast areas.

Guarding against saltwater intrusion becomes easy with the geoscanner and its ability to see the depth and map the borderline between saltwater and freshwater. The geoscanner helps safeguard freshwater resources cost-effectively, makes it a valuable tool for managing coastal aquifers, and contributes to the sustainable management of freshwater resources and the protection of coastal ecosystems and communities.

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