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Exploring Rivers

Applying geoscanners in river environments

Characterize river systems and riverbeds in high-resolution

In river areas and environments around the world, there is an increasing demand to characterize the hydrogeology underlying rivers and estuaries. Knowledge about the interaction between river water and the groundwater in the river sediments can help to understand if the river receives water from its surroundings or leaks water to the groundwater. This interaction is important to understand.    

The geoscanner (FloaTEM on towed boats carrying a geoscanner), makes it possible to sail up the river and scanning the geological layers below the riverbed, such as the accumulation of fines at the bottom of a reservoir to permeable sand/gravel riverbed sediments that focus groundwater discharge. 

The measurements help with mapping and understanding river systems and the interaction between river water and groundwater in river sediments. This information is essential for river management and flood prediction when understanding groundwater-river interactions. 

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