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Permafrost Mapping

Applying the SnowTEM geoscanner for permafrost mapping

Discover the secrets of the world’s arctic regions and permafrost zones   

When accessing remote and challenging terrains, such as areas that remain at or below freezing temperatures (0°C or 32°F) for more than two consecutive years, it is essential to understand its distribution. This is crucial for infrastructure planning, land use, climate change research, and much more.

Permafrost mapping involves using geoscanners such as SnowTEM to characterize the presence, depth, and properties of permafrost in the subsurface.

With our geoscanners permafrost mapping can be particularly accessible in regions where permafrost is prevalent, such as Arctic and subarctic areas. SnowTEM provides valuable information for land use planning, infrastructure design (e.g., building foundations and roads), and assessing the impacts of climate change on permafrost stability.

Understanding permafrost distribution and characteristics is essential for addressing environmental and engineering challenges associated with cold regions.

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