Access remote and challenging terrains with SnowTEM

The SnowTEM Geoscanner

Advancing permafrost and talik mapping 

SnowTEM, a leap forward from the tTEM geoscanner platform, empowers precise mapping of permafrost and taliks. Researchers and environmental experts can delve into pristine frozen terrains, extracting insights crucial for climate studies, resource management, groundwater systems and ecological preservation. 

Exceptional versatility in frozen landscapes   

SnowTEM surveys in linear paths or full 3D scans, delivers unparalleled subsurface imaging across applications.  

SnowTEM advances climate research by providing critical permafrost data and by this information  climate change impacts on polar ecosystems can be accessed. 

Accurate permafrost mapping is essential for designing stable and resilient infrastructure in regions prone to ground instability. SnowTEM assists in identifying suitable construction sites and optimizing foundation designs.  

Achieving innovation through a proven and effective geoscanner platform 

SnowTEM inherits tTEM’s legacy, embraced globally by companies and research institutions. Fueling understanding of permafrost and taliks, SnowTEM addresses the climate crisis and promotes sustainable land use. 

Key features of the SnowTEM geoscanner:

  • Operational Mobility: Towed effortlessly by a snow scooter, ensuring access to remote and challenging terrains. 
  • Depth Penetration: Offers probing depths up to 130 m (430 feet) or 180 m (600 feet) depending on configuration, revealing intricate frozen layers. 
  • Power Supply: Equipped with a reliable 12V lithium battery for sustained operation. 
  • Pulse Frequency: Utilizes 2000 Hz for low-moment (3 Amp) and 630 Hz for high-moment (30 Amp) emissions. 
  • Precision Timing: Initiates measurements with the first gate centered within 4 microseconds from current turn-off. 
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and internet-enabled, allowing remote support and seamless data upload.