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Managed Aquifer Recharge

Applying our geoscanners for optimizing aquifer recharge

Enhance groundwater resources by managed aquifer recharge

In areas or parts of the world, the usage of groundwater for agricultural food production and human consumption, exceeds the regeneration of new groundwater, resulting in the groundwater table becoming lower and lower, with potential catastrophic consequences in the future.

One way of mitigating this, is to divert any excess surface water to an aquifer, water that would otherwise evaporate or end up in oceans by streams and rivers. This is often referred to as Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR).

The geoscanner (tTEM) can assist in this application by assessing the subsurface properties and identifying suitable locations for recharge. Using the geoscanners to select or construct recharge structures will make it more efficient, and aid in optimizing aquifer replenishment efforts and sustainable water management.

Ensure sustainable water supply with tTEM and locate ideal sites for managed aquifer recharge. Collaborate with our team to identify suitable locations and manage aquifer recharge effectively for a secure water future.

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