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Raw Materials

Applying geoscanners for characterizing raw materials

Assess raw materials while minimizing environmental impact

In developing sustainable resource and environmental management, providing valuable information for decision-makers in the natural resources industry is essential. When it comes to raw materials, it is crucial to focus on the exploration and assessment of the earth’s subsurface to locate and characterize them.

Geoscanners such as tTEM and sTEM are specialized to collect subsurface data and gain insights into the distribution and characteristics of raw materials such as gravel, sand, clay, metals, hydrocarbons, and groundwater. Our geoscanners create detailed subsurface images and mappings, aiding in resource exploration and assessment, and play a crucial role by providing non-invasive and high-resolution data about the subsurface.

The geoscanners tTEM and sTEM assist in the exploration, identification, and assessment of raw material deposits, helping to optimize resource extraction processes while minimizing environmental impact.

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