High-resolution, cost-effective surveys with the sTEMprofiler


Easily image the secrets of the subsurface with the sTEMprofiler

The sTEMprofiler makes mapping aquifer layers, artificial infiltration sites, and tailing dams easier than ever. It is the fast, simple solution to collecting high-quality resistivity data for groundwater and environmental surveys.

Measure for 30 seconds, grab the transmitter and receiver rigs, move 10m or 20m forward and repeat. A two-person team can collect several km of densely measured profiles a day, with a depth of 100 – 150 m (300 – 450 ft).

The sTEMprofiler’s light weight makes navigating rough, steep terrain straightforward. The system is supplied in a transport casing and a “ski” bag, making it easy to transport to the field in a van or to take as checked-in luggage. It is operated from a cell phone and has battery power for hours of operation.

Starting at just over 20,000 EUR, the cost of the sTEMprofiler is affordable, easy to learn and delivers high-quality resistivity data. 

The difference between the sTEMprofiler and the sTEM/sTEM+ 

The sTEMprofiler is designed to be user-friendly, cost-effective, and optimized for high data acquisition rates of several km of profiles per day. The sTEMprofiler allows you to explore the subsurface and gain valuable insights into groundwater resources. 

While the sTEMprofiler’s data acquisition rates are lower than those of the tTEM geoscanner, the sTEMprofiler offers an effective and cost-efficient solution for conducting surveys even in challenging terrain. Its ease of operation makes it an ideal choice for various applications in groundwater exploration.  

The sTEMprofiler and the sTEM/sTEM+ are based on the same sTEM platform, and the same base instrument can be used as the sTEMprofiler to measure 40×40 m central loop soundings. 

Technical Specification

  • Unique features of the sTEMprofiler
    Integrated receiver and transmitter
  • Transmitter and receiver loop sizes
    3×3 m (10×10 ft), fixed configuration with 10 m (33 ft) separation
  • Depth of investigation
    Up to 100 m (300 ft)
  • Power supply 
    Two 14.4 V lithium batteries
  • Portability
    Shipping boxes for convenient aeroplane check-in.
  • Total weight – 14.65Kg
    Coils, ropes and centre: 5,1 kg
    Glassfiber rods: 9,55 kg
  • Connectivity

Discover more about the sTEMprofiler, its specifications,  functionality, instrument updates and the support we provide to help you get the most out of the product. 

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“"We've wrapped up the field work here in Kakuma. I got to say, excellent work with the sTEM. You guys have really built an incredible system. The Kenyans, with no geophysics experience, can collect data without support after maybe 2 or 3 sites. They were able to measure at a site, start to finish, in 10 mins 20 seconds. And the app is really easy to use. One of them asked if sTEM stood for simple TEM because it was so easy."”

Denys GrombacherAssistant Professor, Aarhus University
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