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Visit to TEMcompany of Sanjeet Sharma, CEO of AllGeo Solutions

This week, we had the pleasure of a visit by Sanjeet Sharma, the CEO of AllGeo Solutions, TEMcompany’s new reseller in India. Sanjeet has a Master’s in Applied Geology from Allahabad University, where he studied with TEMcompany’s CTO, Pradip Maurya. 

Growing up in a middle-class family in the Allahabad region, Sanjeet’s curiosity about science led him to study physics and geology at University, moving on to Applied Geology for his Master’s. After completing his education, Sanjeet remained at the University as a research fellow, working on the geomorphological mapping of the Ganga River using satellite imagery. 

In 2013, Sanjeet took up a position with the Nokia subsidiary HERE Technologies, delivering surveys and mapping solutions and working with government agencies and private organizations. During this time, he was exposed to new technologies and working methods that proved valuable in his future roles. Sanjeet also gained deep experience with groundwater mapping, level monitoring, recharge zones, and hydrological reporting when working on government projects in various regions.

AllGeo Solutions - First survey instrument and first Vertical Electrical Sounding in 2016

Sanjeet, in 2016, on site with the first AllGeo Solutions survey instrument and first VES.

AllGeo Solutions - Geophysical Borehole Logging System of AGS.

AllGeo Solutions Geophysical Borehole Logging System.

In 2016, after seeing an opportunity to deliver mapping solutions more efficiently, Sanjeet formed AllGeo Solutions. Starting with some basic instruments, he developed expertise and business connections, delivering mapping contracts for significant city planning and development initiatives alongside other geophysical mapping projects. During this time, Sanjeet reconnected with Pradip and discovered the range of instruments developed at TEMcompany. 

Sanjeet finally saw an sTEM in action in 2021 in Chennai; with his focus on delivering quality data for research, he began more detailed discussions with TEMcompany about using our instruments. In March 2024, AllGeo Solutions acquired an sTEM. As Sanjeet explains,

“It saves a lot of money; the sTEM is much better value and more efficient than other solutions. A single man can take a sounding in 10 mins, 300 – 400m in depth; it’s a fraction of the time spent with previous methods.” 

With a mission to establish sTEM and TEM technology across the Indian subcontinent, Sanjeet aims to engage with different organizations to share results so people can easily understand the technology’s value.

“TEM can help solve several problems, including tunnelling, building dams, and finding groundwater. It’s so easy to carry the sTEM across difficult terrain.” 

AllGeo Solutions now has a team of seven people, including a core of four trained Geophysicists and geologists. The business is currently focused on providing services for the Jal Jeevan Mission, a massive government-funded project across the sub-continent. The project aims to provide safe and adequate drinking water to all households in rural India via a tap connection by the end of 2024. It’s a round-the-clock project for the business that leans heavily on using TEMcompany products to deliver data. 

It’s been an absolute pleasure having Sanjeet in the office to share his extensive Geological knowledge and expertise in the Indian Geoscanner market. If you are based in India and would like to discuss our products with him, you can contact AllGeo Solutions at