Convenient geoscanning system for sites with sTEM+

The sTEM+ geoscanner

Efficiency and Versatility Combined 

The sTEM+ geoscanner is a new and unique invention designed for modern groundwater surveys. It operates by conducting single-site measurements, where a sensor records data for a few minutes before being moved to the next location. This cost-effective and user-friendly instrument allows for measuring of more than 15 stations per day 

Difference between sTEM and sTEM+ 

There is an active setup where sTEM+ can be regulated to a 10A high transmitter moment making it possible to capturing data that reaches depths beyond 300 m (980ft) 

Convenient Portability and Connectivity 

Designed for convenience, the lightweight and portable sTEM+ geoscanner weighs approximately 23 kg (50 pounds). It can be easily transported in a solid shipping box as check-in luggage on airplanes. With Wi-Fi and internet connectivity, enjoy seamless data upload and remote support. 

Unique features of the sTEM and sTEM+ instruments:

  • Dual moment system for shallow and deep information​ 
  • Integrated Tx and Rx hardware in one unit​ 
  • Transmitter loop size: 20 x 20 m or 40 x 40 m options (65 x 65 feet, 131 x 131 feet).
  • Active current regulation, 1 A low transmitter moment, 5/10 A high transmitter moment (sTEM/sTEM+)​ 
  • Depth of investigation: Up to 300 m (980 ft). 
  • Power supply: Two 14,4 V lithium batteries at 99Wh each. 
  • Total weight (including transmitter and receiver coils): around 23 kg (56 lbs).
  • Portability: Shipping box for convenient airplane check-in. 
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and internet for remote support and uploade of data to cloud.
  • Operated by Android and iOS App​ 
  • Suppression of external noise by tapered gating​ 
  • Real-time data stacking and calculation of data certainties​ 
  • Automatic sign correction of data​
  • Real-time data inversion 

"We've wrapped up the field work here in Kakuma. I got to say, excellent work with the sTEM. You guys have really built an incredible system. The Kenyans, with no geophysics experience, can collect data without support after maybe 2 or 3 sites. They were able to measure at a site, start to finish, in 10 mins 20 seconds. And the app is really easy to use. One of them asked if sTEM stood for simple TEM because it was so easy."

Denys GrombacherAssistant Professor, Aarhus University