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Our sTEM+ instrument with team in Somaliland.


Our sTEM+ instrument has recently been used to pinpoint groundwater wells in Somaliland. The client, Dairy without Borders, is a Danish NGO focused on establishing and supporting milk and dairy sector projects in developing countries. The project is funded by the Ramboll Foundation and undertaken by Peter Thomsen, NIRAS, Max Halkjær, Geophysical Imaging Partners, and a local geophysicist, Ahmad Khalif. TEMcompany donated the sTEM+ instrument for project use.

The state-of-the-art sTEM+ system collected soundings during three field days. The sTEM+ system provides high-quality soundings to a depth of approximately 200 m. The TEM soundings were densely spaced along several profiles to obtain a good resolution of the potential water-barring structures. The geophysical results will be used in the following phase to identify the optimum site for a new production well. The results are astonishing, clearly showing the aquifer layers.


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