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Research institutes

Our systems empower efficient, detailed and comprehensive geophysical and geological mapping of the shallow subsurface and can assist the advancing scientific knowledge related to groundwater resources.

We understand the critical role research institutions play in education of next generation water scientists and advancing scientific knowledge and understanding of groundwater resources. Our geoscanners are specifically designed to support your research endeavors and provide you with valuable data for your studies.

At TEMcompany, we offer geoscanners that are equipped with advanced technology and capabilities to meet the needs of research institutions. Our systems enable you to conduct detailed and comprehensive geophysical and geological mapping of the shallow subsurface in a fast and efficient way.

With our geoscanners, research institutions can achieve the following:

  • Detailed 3D Mapping: Our geoscanners, such as the tTEM system, offer superior resolution and the ability to create high-resolution subsurface layer images. This enables you to accurately map the geological structures and hydrological features, providing valuable insights for your research.
  • Depth of Investigation: Our geoscanners offer a significant depth of investigation, ranging from a meter or two below the surface to as much as 180 meters. This allows you to study the subsurface conditions at various depths, providing a comprehensive understanding of the groundwater resources.
  • Efficient Data Acquisition and Processing: Our geoscanners provide fast data acquisition and efficient processing, allowing you to gather and analyze data in a timely manner. Our data formats are open allowing you to develop your own data processing and inversion algorithms and advance the science based on reliable and accurate data.

Environments we work in