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At the end of March, Pradip Kumar Maurya, CTO, and Esben Auken, CEO of TEMcompany, were at SAGEEP, the international near-surface geophysics conference, in Tucson, Arizona, USA. It was a great experience to meet many of the people we work with, teach the TEM short course, catch up with the latest innovations in the field, and learn more about how we can develop our products to support our customers’ requirements.

Before SAGEEP, we met with good colleagues at the USGS in Denver. In the photo, you can see an informal discussion around induced polarization in airborne and ground-based data. Induced polarization is a significant problem in increasing numbers of datasets, and we see it clearly due to the high-quality data that TEMcompany products deliver.

In the picture are Esben Auken, Paul A Bedrosian, Jade Crosbie, Lyndsay Ball, Burke Minsley and Carol Finn. Pradip Maurya is in the middle, 120 % focused on the Workbench and IP data.

Thanks to everyone for the thought-provoking discussions and the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society for putting on a great conference.