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The vision at TEMcompany is to be part of the climate crisis solution and to mitigate the consequences and overexploitation. With innovation, responsibility, and quality as our core concepts, we aspire to improve and iterate so the TEMcompany systems can be accessible tools for scanning the subsurface, mapping groundwater resources and ensuring sustainable usage. It is so accessible that non-experts in transient electromagnetic systems can carry it out.

It is important that the surveying systems are equally practical and functional. That is why the team has created the sTEM geoscanner, an easy-to-use tool that integrates hardware and software into a turnkey system in 1 box that performs more than 15 measurements daily.

Our tTEM geoscanner is towed by an ATV to create high-resolution, subsurface imaging. Surveys cover areas from 2-2000 acres, with a depth of investigation ranging from one meter below the surface to an impressive 600-650 feet.

Contact us if you want to know more about our geoscanners or hydrogeophysical expertise.